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Saratoga CoWorks Announces Third Downtown Saratoga Springs Location.

Photo: Saratoga CoWorks Contact: Brenna Ogle, Saratoga CoWorks manager [email protected] 518-306-5233 May 10, 2022 For immediate release Saratoga Springs, New York … Saratoga CoWorks, the premier coworking provider in Upstate New York, catering to professionals, entrepreneurs, and remote employees since 2014, is opening its third downtown Saratoga Springs location. Located at 92 Congress Street on…

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Should Your Business Outsource Digital Marketing?

an open laptop

Photo: Unsplash By Carl De Lucia | Digital Ads Manager at Marketing Wiz and Founder of CDD Digital — Today, every business has to decide what they’re going to do in regard to digital marketing. Digital marketing, specifically Google Ads, is huge, and it’s not going away. Think about this: Google did $110 billion in…

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How to Create a Sales Cookbook

person holding a cookbook

By Luke Scarchilli | Trainer and Sales Associate, Sandler Training— Salespeople who find themselves behind quota may assign their performance problems to any number of factors beyond their control. But the reality is that the single most common reason for this problem lies in something they do control: their choice to use, or not to…

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Constant Vigilance: Protecting your brand online

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By Craig K. Hall | Founder, Marketing Wiz— A client of mine recently used the term “constant vigilance” in an email to me, and I adopted the term immediately. Often times when we think of threats to our business, we think of hackers and scammers who are trying to defraud us or steal money from…

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