Should Your Business Outsource Digital Marketing?

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By Carl De Lucia | Digital Ads Manager at Marketing Wiz and Founder of CDD Digital

Today, every business has to decide what they’re going to do in regard to digital marketing. Digital marketing, specifically Google Ads, is huge, and it’s not going away.

Think about this: Google did $110 billion in revenue in 2017, and 97 percent of that was from Google Ads. If anything, it’s becoming more mainstream because of its affordability and flexibility for lead generation and sales for any business that exists online.

If you decide to take the leap into search marketing, you have to decide who is going to handle it all. Unless you already have an employee on staff who is a pay-per-click (PPC) expert, your best bet is to outsource to a search engine marketing (SEM) specialist because it will save you time and money while optimizing your ad spend.

Why should my business outsource?

By outsourcing pay-per-click management, you’ll have access to an expert. What’s even better is that experts have experience and insight in a variety of topics from PPC to search engine marketing (SEO), remarketing, analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM) integration.

Google Ads management is highly specialized and is constantly changing; in other words, it requires ongoing training. When you outsource AdWords management, your time and money can be spent doing other things.

How much time would it take your team to learn how to manage PPC campaigns, implement an SEO strategy, and then actually get a good sales drive through those channels? I’d estimate about 10 months. If you outsource, you save time and money.

What does it cost?

The number one reason to outsource your digital marketing and Google Ads campaigns in particular is that it is a lot more affordable than using somebody in-house. Depending on your average monthly ad spend, it’s hard to justify the costs. The issue is that strong PPC and analytics candidates average $110k/year in salary.

If you outsource AdWords management, you’ll have access to a PPC expert—an expert in analytics at a fraction of the cost of creating a new position or maintaining individual service contracts.

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