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Jaime Butler Binley

Brand 21

I love the creative energy and networking opportunities I've found at Saratoga CoWorks. I'm able to meet and collaborate with other professionals in a wide array of industries.

grant gentner_linkedin headshot

E. Grant Gentner

Global Credit & Surety

Saratoga CoWorks offers phenomenal infrastructure and technology, plus a friendly and welcoming environment.

bill durdel headshot

Bill Durdel, Jr.

Baldwin Real Estate Group

Saratoga CoWorks has created a space that has allowed our business to collaborate with local organizations and other businesses to pursue mutually beneficial and innovative opportunities. It is a wonderful community of like-minded professionals!

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Abbey Kocan

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Alex Silverstein

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Marketing Wiz logo: connecting brands and people

Craig Hall

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Denise Larrabee

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Sarah Merkel

Jaime Butler Binley head shot

Brand 21-Think before you build

Jaime Butler Binley

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Luke Scarchilli

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Samantha Bossalini

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Sarah MacConnell

Michael Myers headshot

Michael Myers

Cross & Wild

Saratoga Coworks has been an amazing place for me to work and network. The facilities are first rate and continue to evolve/improve over time. There is also a genuine buzz as different companies work and interact in the space.

headshot of Denise Larrabee

Denise Larrabee

Pinnacle Human Resources, LLC

Saratoga CoWorks provides a fantastic working space for me to pop in and out of in between appointments that offers so much more than a coffee shop. It gives me a sense of community and a beautiful “office on the go” that is extremely affordable in the heart of Saratoga Springs.

Brian Jiguere headshot

Brian Jiguere

Landon & Rian Enterprises, Inc.

Saratoga CoWorks allows me to avoid the strict office environment and gives me the independence to balance my work productivity and family time.


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